What Will Social Exclusion Look Like During The School Holidays

What Will Social Exclusion Look Like During The School Holidays

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and every one has started to panic buy essential items.  But have you thought about what the school holidays may look like? Have you started to  make school holiday plans? The reality may be the kids and you are stuck at home, unable to visit cinemas, indoor play centers, friends or family. And the time to start planing for this is now, before a quarantine or lock down begins. So what can we do? We can start making plans, and really thinking about those things that may occupy our kids for the period of social exclusion. Here are some easy ideas to get you through holiday season.

Children 2- 5

This age group is probably the easiest, they will be happy with endless coloring in, lots of stories and books. It might also be a good time to stock up on play doh and arts and crafts activities. Also get out those old sheets and blankets as it is a great time to start making those indoor cubby houses and forts.

Children 6 – 10

This age groups is curious and  really want to be involved in everything. Why not crack open those cookbooks and let them help you bake a cake or decorate cupcakes. This group love creating and getting dirty so stock up on cheap shaving foam and let them finger paint the outside windows with the foam using their hands or paint brushes, it’s easily hosed off after they have finished and they will love getting messy. It may also be time to start learning those crafts our mothers taught us, like knitting or crocheting, imagine their delight when they have a home made scarf ready for winter.  

If your child has a special interest like trains, cars or dinosaurs why not stock up and present them with a new treat everyday once they have done a chores of helped you in some way, you may be surprised how motivated they become. For kids who thrive on routine and structure the idea of getting a treat at the same time everyday may be of some comfort. Just make sure you set clear limits of when the treats will start and finish.  

Children 11- 15

These guys are a little more independent, and it may be worth talking now about what activities they may like to do. Stock up on board games, and have a set of cards handy, there are some fun games to be played with a deck of cards from snap to go fish. Also dig out the old tents and sleeping bags because and outdoor camping trip in the backyard is always fun, do not forget the marshmallows. You may also want to dig out that totem tennis, or buy a new soccer ball, as backyard sports are back!  Crack out those old albums or playlist and teach the kids some of your cool dance moves, Yes I said Cool! Or give them an old video camera and let them make a movie then hold a movie night, did someone say popcorn?

Screen time and apps

As parent we will always try and limit screen time but if we are also trying to work from home screen time may not be avoidable. Do not beat yourself up over it, these really are unprecedented times, and you are not a bad parent for giving in to screen time.  Here are some current deals and apps that just might see you through and save your sanity.

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