Takes A Village

Takes a Village is a social enterprise that exists to support families with kids with ‘hidden’ challenges. We bring together a community of villagers who can share, inform and advocate for each other. And bring some love.

  • We support families to find extra hands – expert carers – who can handle the zing.
  • We are building a community of families to share experiences, support and understanding.
  • Via our podcast, The Village Lantern, we are bringing conversation and advice from some of Australia’s most accomplished experts, carers and passionate advocates.

*May be associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, generalised anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Opposition Defiance Disorder etc

Extra Hands

Finding carers that understand our kids, can tolerate the zing, and keep coming back are hard to find. We partner with an expert care agency that has a team of young, passionate, highly experienced carers.

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The Village Lantern Podcast has a mission of bridging light and love to families living with hidden challenges.

Our guests include medical and therapy experts, individuals living with hidden challenges, parents and community leaders.

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A problem shared is problem halved… well maybe not, but it does help. In addition to the pain and strain of the every day, we also face judgement for others, guilt, fear and isolation.

Our community chat space includes a regular blog by our Founder, and encourages sharing via connection, empathy and love.

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Locations across Australia