Many kids grew up loving Barbie – but for those who had a disability or condition, it felt isolating to see dolls that looked different to them.

Inclusive Barbie range.

Barbie along with other brands were once criticized by some for promoting a narrow, unrealistic ideal of what is beautiful. But brands have been on a diversity push over the last five years. Many brands are now unveiling dolls with an array of skin tones, hair textures, body sizes and facial structures.

There are now Barbies with less defined waists, varying bust sizes and sculpted arms. And the doll in a wheelchair even has her own ramp. It is exciting to see Ken has even had a makeover now displaying long blonde locks.

The new Barbie range includes a barbie with alopecia, one with a prosthetic leg, a wheelchair barbie and even a Barbie with vitiligo.

Kmart Australia has also just released a range of inclusive dolls. The range of “fashion” dolls as Kmart is marketing them as has received widespread praise from parents .

Parents all over Australia are praising this move from Kmart. Mother of 2 children, Kelli shared:

“It is great that my child can see that there are others like them, and that it is normal and OK”

Kmart range of inclusive fashion dolls.

There needs to be more diversity represented on TV, in books and in the media in general”

Both Mattel and Kmart dolls can be bought in store and online from retailers.

For more inclusive services, products and events visit the Kids on the Spectrum – Australian autism directory.


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Range of inclusive and disability dolls released in Australia.

22 September 2020

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