Let’s prepare our kids for real life – Whatever that means

Let’s talk about preparing our kids for real life. Have you heard that expressions before? “We need to prepare our kids for real life”

Autistic spotlight – Meet Mikayla from Echidnart.

Meet Makayla, she is 16, autistic and already has a thriving online craft business. In 2016 Mikayla was 13 and had just started her

All NDIS Participants Now Eligible For Priority Shopping

As part of the NDIS ongoing commitment to supporting NDIS participants during this time, the NDIA has worked with supermarket retailers to make sure

There’s A New Google 3D Feature, And We Can’t Get Enough Of It

Google have launched their 3D view for animals, and we love it! Search Google for your favourite animal, then click the “View in 3D”

Live Webcams That Will Keep The Kids Entertained For Hours

Here are our 3 top picks of Live webcams from around the world. First up, watch the Nasa space station as it orbits Earth,

What Will Social Exclusion Look Like During The School Holidays

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and every one has started to panic buy essential items.  But have you thought about what the school holidays

School And Autism. There Are Choices Research Is The Key

Choosing a school for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make, and there is just no easy way to

It Felt Hopeless Until She Started Wearing Compression Clothing

My daughter, Elizabeth or Beth as we call her is Autistic, and she has been using compression clothing for over a year now and