Early autism intervention

New clinical study proves reduction in Autism diagnosis.

The results of a recent clinical trial has been published by Dr Whitehouse from the University of Western Australia. It showed that by addressing
kids with headphones on reading a book.

Are lockdowns affecting our children?

We are living through unprecedented times and the stress and impact on everyone is clear to see.  However, for many parents, the worry about

Telehealth and Autism: Are they compatible?

The COVID pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the use of telehealth practice by all kinds of health practitioners and for people from

Am I Exempt From Lockdown Restrictions? Maybe

While each state and territory have their own rules and regulations regarding the control of Corona virus, we should always be mindful that those

Receiving an Autism diagnosis as an adult, is it really that difficult?

As more celebrities and public figures open up and disclose their autism diagnosis, we have to ask, is adult diagnosis only accessible to those
autistic girl on a red cushion holding a unicorn toy

How a person-centred approach to online therapy helped Amelia say goodbye to meltdowns

A young child named Amelia (not her real name) is autistic. Amelia is an active young child who loves unicorns and painting at preschool.

We Won! The proposed NDIS independent assessments have been scrapped.

Finally common sense and the voice of disability advocates across Australia have been heard. The proposed NDIS independent assessments proposal has been scrapped. NDIS

10 reasons why your family doesn’t need to be like everybody else’s.

I’ve always been that mum who doesn’t really blend in. I was very clear I wanted to be a parent. I have just never