autistic girl on a red cushion holding a unicorn toy

How a person-centred approach to online therapy helped Amelia say goodbye to meltdowns

A young child named Amelia (not her real name) is autistic. Amelia is an active young child who loves unicorns and painting at preschool.

We Won! The proposed NDIS independent assessments have been scrapped.

Finally common sense and the voice of disability advocates across Australia have been heard. The proposed NDIS independent assessments proposal has been scrapped. NDIS

10 reasons why your family doesn’t need to be like everybody else’s.

I’ve always been that mum who doesn’t really blend in. I was very clear I wanted to be a parent. I have just never

NDIS under attack for Roboplanning and assessments based on algorithms.

The Chief execute Officer of the NDIA , Martin Hoffman released a video earlier last month on how independent assessments will be a fairer

5 ways to future proof your employability as a carer.

As a woman and a woman in a caring role I watched lasts night budget and couldn’t help but yell at the tv as

NDIS Proposed changes to Early Intervention funding for Autism diagnosis.

In March 2021 the NDIA released the paper for input in to proposed change to early intervention for an autism diagnosis “This paper seeks

Stress Management for Parents of Exceptional Kids

Parenting is stressful. Parenting exceptional kids is even more so. We’re human after all, and when our kids are doing it tough and we

Pressure growing to scrap Independent assessments for NDIS participants.

Last week the planned implementation of independent assessments for all NDIS participants have been put on hold. This is the direct result of growing