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Kids on the Spectrum is now Living on the Spectrum

About Us

Welcome to Living on the Spectrum – Autism and Spectrum directory. We are a unique Autism and spectrum directory based in Australia. We list inclusive resources, products, and events for the neurodivergent community. We have information for Carers, parents, adults, educators, researchers, businesses, and anyone wanting to learn more about autism and neurodiversity. 

Our Vision

To continue our significant impact on the lives of parents, carers, and neurodivergent individuals by making resources and information easy and quick to locate via our directory and website. Autistic and neurodivergent adults have a life expectancy of 25 – 36 years shorter than the general population and twice the mortality. We knew we had to do something urgently to improve this. We had to make locating support quick, accessible, and easy. 

We aim to reach over one million families by 2024 in Australia and globally.

Our Why

Living on the Spectrum was developed and launched by neurodivergent founder Anita Aherne. Anita knew she needed a platform that provided free and accessible information, news, research, and inclusive resources within the neurodiversity and spectrum space. Her life and her family’s lives depended on it. 

LOTS provides news as it happens, an online directory that is free and accessible, and reviews and opinions on products and services. Living on the Spectrum ensures that everyone can locate help and support in a timely manner, and for FREE!

Businesses providing essential support and services need to be located. 

It is for autistic and neurodivergent individuals,

by autistic and neurodivergent individuals.

 Nothing about us, without us. 


Charity or government organisation will have a link. If you are a private organisation and would like to prioritise your listing, which will include a link, please contact us. Because we want the most comprehensive resource for parents, carers and young adults.

No, Living on the spectrum does not claim to have tried or endorses any product or services. It is important we give you as much information as possible so you can choose the right supports.

We are purely a directory, because our only aim to make life that little bit easier for you.
We only list businesses who provide goods and services that may be of benefit to children on the Autism Spectrum. If you feel you should be included please contact us, we would love to add your service.
Sorry about that! Send us a message or email us and we will fix it ASAP.

Living on the Spectrum is a profit-for-purpose organisation. We aim to provide a service as well as support our family. Importantly we understand the complexity around navigating the vast amount of resources available. We also have amazing autistic kids. We are hoping to grow to become an employer of young autistic adults in the future.

Our hub and directory are for anyone looking to learn more about neurodiversity. Our website has information and resources for, parents and carers with children between the ages of 0 and 25. We also have a wide range of adult resources.  Our goal is to make the world more accessible, along with letting you know what products and services are available throughout Australia. We want to make your life more fulfilling and improve life outcomes for the neurodiversity community.  Our page lists all products and services that cater to all abilities.

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